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Kids Birthday Parties are a specialty at Fun World Playcentre. We offer generous party space for your child's special day. In addition to our indoor playground and toddler area, your child and their guests can enjoy laser tag, bumper cars, an indoor rock climbing wall and much more. Fun World offers you a great escape from the everyday birthday party in Langley, Surrey, or Delta. See our special Birthday Party Packages below.

  • Kids Party Space
  • Party Space
  • Party Room



Additional kids (1-12 years old)

$8.00+Tax per child

Additional Hour (must book in advance)

   $50.00+Tax per hour                               

Kid's Meal @ FW (Choice of a slice of Pizza, or a Hot Dog & a Drink)

    $3.00+Tax per child                                                                                              

Bumper Car Ride

$2.00+Tax per token

Laser Tag Game

$4.00+Tax per token

Bumper Car Pass

$6.00+Tax per child

Laser Tag Pass

$9.00+Tax per child

Bumper Car + Laser Tag Pass

  $15.00+Tax per child 


Small Balloon 9" - 14"

$ 1.50+Tax each

18" Mylar (Foil) Balloon   

 Starting from $5.00+Tax  

Balloon Weight

       $1.50+Tax each                                        

Birthday Balloon Bundles

Starting from $12.00+Tax

Click here to see our Helium Balloon Selections!


BIrthday PARTY rates           


Monday-Friday (Except Holidays):                     Saturday, Sunday And Holidays:

   $75.00+Tax For the first 5 Kids                                $100.00+Tax For the first 5 Kids


  • Includes playground admission for 5 kids.
  • Outside Food & Drinks are allowed. (Limit of 5 Food + 5 Drink Items).
  • 90 minutes upstairs in the party room for food & cake. You will only get to use HALF of the room. 
  • Time will begin as according to the time slot booked.
  • Party host should arrive 15-30 minutes before the party room time slot (You will not receive the party room until the SCHEDULED time slot).
  • Must bring your own plates, napkins, cups & utenstils.
  • Must begin vacating room during the last 10 minutes for the staff to clean up.
  • Socks are required in all play areas for both kids & adults. 
  • Two solid colour table cloths will be provided.
  • No piñatas, glitter, silly string or confetti are allowed. Otherwise there is a $25 clean up charge.
  • No items containing peanuts or alcohol. We are a Peanut Aware Facility. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • $50.00 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.*
*In case of an unexpected cancellation, credit will be given to the next booking or future admission.

Bring Your Own Food/Drinks (Up to 5 items each plus a Cake)

When You Bring your Own Food/Drinks, Please Limit to 5 Items, And No food Containing Either Alcohol or Nuts.


  • Cake and Goodie Bags do not count as part the food/drink items.
  •  Keep in mind that you only have 90 minutes in the party room. Avoid bringing too much of each item.
  • All food & drinks must stay upstairs in the party room.
  • When the 90 minutes are up, ALL outside food and drinks MUST be removed from the facility. Cannot be brought and left downstairs in our concession. 
  • NO exceeding the time limit or there will be an extra charge of $15 for every 15 minutes. 

** Prices are subject to change without advance notice.

OR ADD $3 per child for Food + Drink at Fun World.

Choice of a Beef Hotdog OR a slice of Pizza & a drink.Children at party


Food Items                                          Drink Items                                        
1. Pizza (2 Boxes) 1. 2L of Coke (1)
2. Nacho Platter (1 Tray) 2. Juice Boxes (2 Packs)
3. Sandwich Platter (1 Tray) 3. Bottled Water (1 Case)
4. Fruit Platter (1 Tray) 4. Coffee (1 Pot) 
5. Bag of Chips (2 Bags) 5. N/A